“Thanks so much for my reading. It really resonated with me and provided clarity around my life purpose. I felt you were really connected to Spirit, as you were answering questions on my list before I had even asked them. I would definitively recommend you to my friends and family.”     ~ Jeanine from UK

“(Suara) has a lovely way of getting directly to the very information that my questions were based on.   I got the answers that I was looking for and found that I received the healing that I was looking for too.   Many thanks to you, Suara!     ~ Mira from NZ, 

“Thank you for the fantastic clearing today.  The information you provided resonated deeply with me, was extremely positive and provided assurance that my life is in alignment with my soul path. I really appreciate that you understood my questions and provided practical advice channeled from the Akasha.  During the clearing, I could feel the energetic shifts and felt muscle tension melt away. The fact that you focused on the positive was reassuring and created an extremely pleasant, helpful experience.  Thank you for your care, guidance, and healing.  With sincere gratitude.”    ~ Nita D from Canada

“My experience receiving an Akashic Records Reading from (Suara) is that I could see how natural this medium was for her. I had a telephone reading and felt safe from the beginning of our conversation because she created a sacred, safe space with good intentions and prayer right from the start. With my reading she had seen a past life of mine struggling with certain issues that I found myself struggling with in present day. She did a healing for me of this past life as well as offering some examples on how I could protect myself from present circumstances. I felt something deep had been healed. She also could see something about my inner spiritual life that I have been working with the past 30 years. She was very specific what that was! I have more questions to ask her and will definitely consult (Suara) again soon.”   ~Terese from Washington