About Suara

Even as a child, I remember wondering about a higher power and the purpose of life.  I was always a spiritual seeker, looking beyond the religion of my family and upbringing. I sought the wisdom of Buddhism, Judaism, Christianity and the New Age.  I learned healing practices through Spiritual Psychology, Meditation, Reiki, Kundalini Yoga, Qi Gong, Sound Therapy and finally, the Akashic Records. Entering the Records for the first time was so warm and comforting like coming home. The sensations and imagery were so familiar like a secret place I had always known and visited many times in my dreams.  With each visit into my Records, I gained more insight into my limiting patterns and where they came from, my purpose in this lifetime and ultimately my soul’s journey.

As I worked more in my Records, I felt the hold of my limiting patterns begin to release, like a gripped hand surrounding me for my whole life beginning to relax.  My life began to flow with more grace and ease.  I felt more peace and freedom, and began to transform myself and my life.

The Akashic Records Masters and Guides have shown me how to help you do the same.  Because of my experiences, I can help you find your own connection with your Akashic Records and your soul’s journey.  Please contact me and let’s begin this journey together today.

With loving,  ~ Suara