About the Akashic Records

Akasha is a Sanskrit word meaning ether or primordial substance which all things are made from.  It surrounds us and flows through us.  The Akashic Record is a multi-dimesional library of light containing a record of every soul’s journey, everything that has ever existed and is yet to come. Existing on the Etheric Plane, a place of pure energy and light beyond time and space, the Records contain an energetic imprint of everything, all your past lives, your choices, your influences and everything that has happened up to this point.

The Akashic Records have been referred to as the Book of Life or Infinite Wisdom. Your Records are kept by your Akashic Records Masters and Guides, whom you can call upon for help and guidance.  With your permission, I can access your Records and can help you to heal past wounds, lift pain and past issues, and guide you to a higher expression for your life.

Your Masters and Guides are waiting to work with you more directly.  If you feel guided to work with me, please sign up and make an appointment today.  Your higher expression is waiting for you.

About Suara

Even as a child, I remember wondering about a higher power and the purpose of life.  I was always a spiritual seeker, looking beyond the religion of my family and upbringing. I sought the wisdom of Buddhism, Judaism, Christianity and the New Age.  I learned healing practices through Spiritual Psychology, Meditation, Reiki, Kundalini Yoga, Qi Gong, Sound Therapy and finally, the Akashic Records. Entering the Records for the first time was so warm and comforting like coming home. The sensations and imagery were so familiar like a secret place I had always known and visited many times in my dreams.  With each visit into my Records, I gained more insight into my limiting patterns and where they came from, my purpose in this lifetime and ultimately my soul’s journey.

As I worked more in my Records, I felt the hold of my limiting patterns begin to release, like a gripped hand surrounding me for my whole life beginning to relax.  My life began to flow with more grace and ease.  I felt more peace and freedom, and began to transform myself and my life.

The Akashic Records Masters and Guides have shown me how to help you do the same.  Because of my experiences, I can help you find your own connection with your Akashic Records and your soul’s journey.  Please contact me and let’s begin this journey together today.


“Thanks so much for my reading. It really resonated with me and provided clarity around my life purpose. I felt you were really connected to Spirit, as you were answering questions on my list before I had even asked them. I would definitively recommend you to my friends and family.”     ~ Jeanine from UK

“(Suara) has a lovely way of getting directly to the very information that my questions were based on.   I got the answers that I was looking for and found that I received the healing that I was looking for too.   Many thanks to you, Suara!     ~ Mira from NZ, 

“Thank you for the fantastic clearing today.  The information you provided resonated deeply with me, was extremely positive and provided assurance that my life is in alignment with my soul path. I really appreciate that you understood my questions and provided practical advice channeled from the Akasha.  During the clearing, I could feel the energetic shifts and felt muscle tension melt away. The fact that you focused on the positive was reassuring and created an extremely pleasant, helpful experience.  Thank you for your care, guidance, and healing.  With sincere gratitude.”    ~ Nita D from Canada

“My experience receiving an Akashic Records Reading from (Suara) is that I could see how natural this medium was for her. I had a telephone reading and felt safe from the beginning of our conversation because she created a sacred, safe space with good intentions and prayer right from the start. With my reading she had seen a past life of mine struggling with certain issues that I found myself struggling with in present day. She did a healing for me of this past life as well as offering some examples on how I could protect myself from present circumstances. I felt something deep had been healed. She also could see something about my inner spiritual life that I have been working with the past 30 years. She was very specific what that was! I have more questions to ask her and will definitely consult (Suara) again soon.”   ~Terese from Washington

What to expect in a session

At the appointed time, I will call you at the phone number given on your Consultation form. I look forward to working with you in this very sacred way.

In preparation for your consultation, I recommend following these guidelines:

– Complete and submit the Consultation Consent form.
– Make a list of concise questions concerning the areas of your life that you are interested in receiving information.

– Sample questions are listed below. Develop your own list so the consultation will best serve your needs. During the session, feel free to ask other questions and give feedback about the information you are receiving.

What would be helpful for me to know about this (be specific) challenge or fear at this time?
What is the root of this issue? What are my resources to resolve it? What lessons am I to learn from this?
Is this person in my life from my soul family? Do I have a soul contract with them, and what is it about?
Do we have past lives together and is there anything that can be cleared?
Am I centered on my soul’s path? Is there something hidden or cloaked that as keeping me from achieving my soul’s desire?
What do I need to know about this issue (be specific) to move forward, and how do I bring this issue into resolution so it does not continue to bother me?

– You may choose to record the information for review at a later time. If so, be prepared with pen and paper or a recording device.
– Do not drink any alcohol 12 hours prior to the consultation. It lowers the body’s vibration and is more difficult to access deep information in the Akashic Records. Prescription drugs are acceptable.
– It is best to allow yourself some quiet time after the session to reflect and process the information.
– Drink plenty of water afterwards.